Scandinavian style chairs

Scandinavian inspired design is all the rage right now, and ‘hygge’ is no longer only a Danish way of life but one that we all strive to adopt. A hygge interior is one that reflects cosiness, peace, and one that says, “I want to live here”, and Scandinavian design dining chairs are the perfect way to introduce this style to… Read More »

Bar and restaurant furniture

Bar and restaurant furniture needs to create an atmosphere that keeps customers coming back for more. First dates, celebratory meals, catch ups with friends; bars and restaurants are where life happens. As the places we go to discuss our daily lives, eateries need to have a good vibe. And it all starts with the right décor. Commercial Furniture What classes… Read More »

Velvet furniture

Add luxury to your home or business with this season’s velvet furniture trend. This plush fabric is making a reappearance in leading furniture stores across the country, and it’s here to stay! So, kit out your interior with some statement staples and embrace this versatile material. Plush Accent Chairs With this new velvet furniture movement comes a selection of new… Read More »

Rustic farmhouse tables

The rustic farmhouse table, a piece of furniture which has such allure. The true origins of the “Farm Table” are unknown and many theories exist on how these tables came to be. Years ago, farmers tended to make their own furniture by hand. They were not trained cabinet makers so a simple design was usually the most popular. They were… Read More »