Scandinavian style chairs


Scandinavian inspired design is all the rage right now, and ‘hygge’ is no longer only a Danish way of life but one that we all strive to adopt. A hygge interior is one that reflects cosiness, peace, and one that says, “I want to live here”, and Scandinavian design dining chairs are the perfect way to introduce this style to your interior.

Less is definitely more when it comes to Scandinavian style. Soft furnishings and minimalist furniture are two standout features of a Scandi style interior. Sheepskin throws, cable knit blankets, candles and scatter cushions help in creating your hyggelit home. You may think that these items should be limited to a living room or bedroom, but they can be used in every room to soften the edges of minimalist Scandi furniture. Textured rugs are an essential for any Scandinavian inspired design; shaggy faux fur or pure wool rugs in tonal colours add to the feel of the room. Cowhide rugs are also popular. The purity and functionality of Nordic style chairs are likely what attract us to them. They are perfect for those who prefer minimalist furniture and keeping fuss and clutter to a minimum. Scandinavian style chairs warm up their clean design with natural woods, making them easy to coordinate with existing furniture.

Angled Chair Legs

Scandinavian style chairs are simple and sophisticated, often featuring angled chair legs. Linen or suedette upholstery and splayed legs make Scandi inspired chairs perfect for minimalist, retro, or contemporary interiors. Other minimalist furniture and Scandi furniture, such as tables, feature the diverging leg design. Style your Scandi inspired chairs around a simple blonde wood table for a complete look.

Scandinavian Design Furniture & Dark Interiors

Dark interiors are currently having their moment, with inky blue, charcoal, and emerald walls growing in popularity. Traditionally, Scandinavian design furniture has made use of blonde woods, as the harsh Nordic winter only provides a few hours of daylight, so anything that made a room look brighter was in. With the dark interiors trend, there are now more options, and it’s easier to find Scandi furniture that’s made from darker materials. Scandinavian design dining chairs with faux suede upholstery and dark legs are perfect for retro inspired interiors.

Accessorising Your Nordic Style Chairs

Nordic homes and the Scandinavian design furniture within them are often neutral, but accessories are chosen carefully to highlight aspects of a person’s history, life, and interests. Books, records, and heritage pieces are all good choices, but there’s no limit to what you could choose. How about a quirky vintage item? However, you don’t have to go hyper-hygge, Scandinavian style chairs or Nordic style chairs can be the centrepiece and you can accessorise with more rustic or industrial themed items.

So, embrace hygge and the cosiness and peacefulness that it brings. Slow down and enjoy the little things in life, whether that is a scented candle, new Scandinavian style chairs, or a meal with your loved ones.

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