Rustic farmhouse tables

extending oak farmhouse table-fto

The rustic farmhouse table, a piece of furniture which has such allure. The true origins of the “Farm Table” are unknown and many theories exist on how these tables came to be. Years ago, farmers tended to make their own furniture by hand. They were not trained cabinet makers so a simple design was usually the most popular. They were built to last and survive the constant use they would receive on a daily basis. These tables soon became the central meeting point for the family at both lunch and dinner, being often large enough to sit 8 or more people at once. They were designed to seat all members of the family as well as any guests that may be visiting.

The family kitchen was, and still remains the hub of most homes. Definitely the focal point in any kitchen is the table, all types of tables may be present but no other type brings the character and heritage of the rustic farmhouse table.

There is something beautiful about the patina, all those stains and nicks, the unique wood patterns, the history. So many stories to tell, so many more memories to witness. Many tables become family heirlooms passed from one generation to another, some have undergone changes over the years. For example the base may be painted, some are just lovingly polished and some are scrubbed. Whatever the finish you simply don’t have to worry about adding your own history!

Where can you use rustic farmhouse tables?

Well the answer is simple they can look wonderful in all types of homes whether country styled or modern. They suit formal dining rooms and kitchens as well as more modern and open plan arrangements.

Farmhouse table construction

Today many tables are available with new bases made from oak, pine or metal.  With reclaimed wooden tops often made from pine, cherry or oak and bearing original distress marks, they can add a natural worn appearance of the classic design. This is the perfect option as it allows tables to be made to an exact size for any home or business. The wood has all the original marks that only time can produce but with the sturdiness of new base and legs.

This style of table goes from strength to strength. The rustic farmhouse table still remains as popular and versatile today as it has ever been.

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