Velvet furniture

velvet chesterfield sofa uk

Add luxury to your home or business with this season’s velvet furniture trend. This plush fabric is making a reappearance in leading furniture stores across the country, and it’s here to stay! So, kit out your interior with some statement staples and embrace this versatile material.

Plush Accent Chairs

With this new velvet furniture movement comes a selection of new colours; from bold mustards to subtle greys, there are a world of hues to choose from. If you’re not brave enough to go all out with six teal velvet dining chairs or a navy velvet sofa (more on that later), then why not incorporate a more understated single chair into your home. There are a huge number of plush accent chairs on the market and they are a fabulous way to keep up appearances without the major commitment. Go for a ribbed velvet tub chair, velvet wingback armchair, or even a velvet loveseat!

Velvet Dining Chairs

Another great way to switch up your interior is with new dining chairs. No need to repaint or strip wallpaper, a simple chair change can incorporate velvet furniture into your home and create a whole new vibe for your dining room.

There are tons of velvet dining chairs to choose from, whether you like an elegant French inspired button back chair, or a curvy retro design, there’s something for you. Why not experiment with colours? Don’t limit yourself to one shade; mustard and navy work really well together or brighten up your room with teal and grey. If you’re entertaining more guests, why not have a velvet tub chair or two that you can place on the ends of your dining table as carver chairs and then put back in their rightful place when your guests go home.

Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

With the tufted sofa making a comeback in the last 18 months, it’s no wonder that furniture suppliers are combining these two hot trends, and with stunning effect. The velvet Chesterfield sofa is a classic piece of furniture for those looking to make a larger investment in a staple piece that will stand the test of time. The traditional buttoned design of the Chesterfield, paired with the luxurious pile of the velvet is the ideal combination for interior influence. Go dark with a navy velvet sofa for a rich, warm look. Or, choose grey and style with bright cushions for a more muted feel. If you aren’t feeling this style, but love velvet chairs, then perhaps a smaller sofa in the form of a quilted velvet loveseat is more your style. Use as an accent piece in a bedroom or living area, or as a dining bench…maybe even go for a matching velvet tub chair.

Velvet furniture is everywhere and it’s sticking around for the long haul. A velvet wingback armchair, a velvet tub chair or plush accent chairs; if you’re an interior designer, restaurant owner or DIY expert, incorporating this soft fabric into your next project is a must!

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